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  • The story of our new name

    For the whole of its nearly 150-year history, The 92nd Street Y has held a unique place in New York City. Founded by a group of German Jewish professionals in 1874, it has grown and evolved to enrich the lives of its patrons with world-class programming, welcoming and embracing people of all backgrounds and persuasions. Today, our community stretches across the globe, with patrons in all 50 US states and 200 countries around the world connecting with us online.

    The 92nd Street Y is now a truly global institution. That's why we invited the design firm Pentagram to help us develop a new identity — one that would reflect our deep connection with our home city — a city that has always been a part of us, and would not be the same without us.

    Our solution was to keep our name and to double-down on our deep connection with the global capital we call home: The 92nd Street Y, New York, and a new logo, 92NY. Our partners at Pentagram have brought this new name to life with a graphic treatment based on a classic typeface that is urbane, worldly, and utterly beautiful.

    Designer Jeremy Meckel worked with Pentagram designers Michael Bierut and Talia Cotton to create this new brand identity intended to achieve one goal: to ensure that people, no matter who they are, where they live, and what they are passionate about, will find a home at 92NY. And to make it easier for everyone to connect with our institution, we reorganized our programmatic offerings into five new centers:

    • 92NY Center for the Arts
    • 92NY Center for Community
    • 92NY Bronfman Center for Jewish Life
    • 92NY Center for Children and Family
    • 92NY Belfer Center for Innovation and Social Impact

    We are proud of our new look. And we hope you like it too.

    We are so grateful to Pentagram for shaping the way we tell our story to the world. Our thanks, in addition, to FargoNY and Spotco for their roles in bringing our new identity to life.

    Designed by



    • Michael Beirut
    • Talia Cotton
      Identity Design
    • Tamara McKenna
    • Jeremy Mickel
      Typeface Design (MCKL Type)